Training Events

A training event can be for one hour, say at a lunch time; or for a whole day or for any duration in between.

Benefits of my training include that;

  • my training workshops are custom designed to meet client needs, never off-the-shelf,
  • my training delivery incorporates NLP communication systems and material to ensure that, as well as assimilating knowledge, attendees also change attitudes and behaviours where this is required,
  • my training workshops take account of the fact that people have different personality components. This is a very important, but usually overlooked, element of training design. So my training connects with all attendees, not just those that share my personality components. Introverts, extroverts, bold, cautious, stressed or laid-back, etc.

MOST IMPORTANTLY , through my career in the corporate world, I have attended countless inept training events. Inappropriate material and / or a useless trainer.  When I began delivering training, I vowed that no attendee at one of my events would feel that sinking feeling five minutes into one of my training events!


Comments of attendees of past training events

…A real eye opener or should I say mind opener…very enjoyable training delivered with enthusiasm and humour.

 …Absolutely wonderful experience, lots of learning, not only in content and behaviour but also getting to know my colleagues better…

Brilliant event, very interesting presentation, great trainer.

Really thought provoking.

Very useful – particularly the concept of stress versus letting go…

Very good session, very informative, would like more please.

I think that you gave an excellent response to a difficult challenge. I have learnt a multitude of things about myself which I am sure will be invaluable in my future career. Thankyou!