The word stress means different things to different people. Some people say there is good stress and bad stress; good stress providing motivation and excitement, bad stress creating ill health. For the purposes of this page I am defining stress as 100% bad. (I would say that if you are motivated in a pressure situation you are motivated by the challenge and by your competitiveness, not by stress.)

Stress causes poor prioritisation, poor judgment and leads to a weakened immune system and a shortened life span. Sometimes stress is outside the control of the individual and generated by genuinely excessive demands, however 95% of the time stress is within the control of the individual and is generated by the individuals’ response to their circumstances, both the psychological response in respect of perspective and attitude, and the practical response in relation to recurring unhelpful behaviours. Many people find it hard to believe that high leves of stress can be minimised and eradicated by a few changes to behaviour and frames of mind, but it can be that straightforward using NLP.

Frame of mind issues include:

  • learning that not all injustices need to be contested, or cared about,
  • eradicating all unrealistic expectations of one’s children, family members, boss, work colleagues, etc.
  • becoming an optimiser rather than a perfectionist,
  • being confident and bold rather than insecure and cautious,

In addition, practical issues at work  include:

  • delegation,
  • time management and prioritisation,
  • inflexibility, (inflexibility includes a tendency to work to perfection when fit-for-purpose is all that is required),
  • project planning,
  • negotiation of deadlines.

Comments of past clients

…. email to let you know how things have been going.  In short – very well!  I have read through the material you sent to me, and have used the bullet points as bedtime reading and reflection every day as you suggested.  Although obviously my current employment situation is somewhat different from the norm, I can honestly say that I have been absolutely staggered at the effect putting them (or at least trying to!) into practice has had.  I have experienced this in a variety of situations – big and small – over the past couple of weeks, and it feels just fantastic to really begin to have an inner self confidence that I have never previously experienced.  In fact, XXXXX has commented that she has seen a very noticeable change in me since coming to see you.  This will, I am sure, prove invaluable over the next few months as I search for another job.  The job search is another thing!  I would typically have been pretty stressed and concerned about such uncertainty, yet right now I am very confident about the future and genuinely don’t feel too concerned about not being in control of the situation.  In fact, I am excited about the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.  Right now, that is a great place to be – and one that is unusual for me!  All-in-all, I am quite simply amazed at the impact just a couple of hours of your time has had.  I wish that I had discovered it years ago! Thank you again, and I will keep in touch over the next few weeks and am sure that I’ll be availing myself of your services again in the future. CB


……Thank you ,great advice and I hadn’t thought about the fact of feeling disappointed was a positive! You are truly brilliant at what you do. Not sure how it works, but it does.The way I felt before made me a wreck! Previously I had been in such a state you would hardly have believed it. And as I said although I had a few tiny moments of stress, that was it! So trust me you are brilliant at what you do.