Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety can make meeting strangers an ordeal and even meeting large groups of acquaintances and friends.  Eradicating this is a topic in which I specialise and find very rewarding. Causes of social anxiety in the subconscious can create very powerful negative feelings but surprisingly can be easily rectified in an NLP session.

Causes often emanate from:

  • an introverted personality,
  • erroneously believing that it is important that EVERYONE should like you,
  • erroneously believing that you should NEVER mess up in social situations,
  • low self esteem and confidence.

All of these phenomena are relatively easily fixed, often in a single two hour session. I used to suffer from social anxiety and so can empathise completely with the burden.

Comments of past clients

I am amazed at the impact that just one session with you has had. Initially I was apprehensive about the session as I wasn’t too sure what to expect, but you immediately made me feel at ease. The two hours flew by and I can honestly say that when I left I felt like a different person. I have a renewed confidence and an increased self esteem. I have put into practice initiating conversations and using the tips you gave me, and have already noticed the impact this is having on my social life. I generally feel more relaxed and more approachable, and now have several social activities in my diary over the next few weeks. I have also been able to use what I have learned from the session to reflect on a previous relationship and identified how this had a negative impact this had on my confidence, and now that I recognise this I have been able to make positive changes, and will also be able to ensure I avoid similar situations in the future. Thanks once again.


I have suffered from anxiety issues for as long as I can remember, but this time last year things got completely out of hand as the anxiety started to take over my life and resulted in me having to leave work.  I had overloaded myself with the demands of work and home life and reached a point where I was unable to function normally. I suffered from panic attacks, low self esteem and constant physical symptoms of anxiety. Unable to cope with day to day life I was put in contact with Steve in order to try to move forward with my situation.  After just one hour and a half session with Steve, I can honestly say that I immediately started to feel better. It was like a huge weight had been lifted. From the next day I felt like a different person. I can distinctly remember going to meet a friend for lunch and shopping the next day, something I could not have done prior to seeing Steve, and having a completely normal experience. It is also reassuring that Steve is contactable by phone and willing to give further guidance in this way. I have recently returned to work, something I never thought was possible last year, and I continue to move forward.