Procrastination is either putting off starting things or putting off finishing them. Procrastination affects us all from time to time and can be caused by one of a number of subconscious phenomena. Procrastination is very often hidden from our conscious awareness. We make what seem like valid excuses to not start or not finish a task and do not perceive that the excuses simply cover up procrastination. For some people it almost destroys their chances of success in work or life. Procrastination is however a simple issue to deal with using NLP. In addition, for some personality types, eradicating the causes of procrastination can drastically improve other areas of their work or life.

Comments of a past client

Dear Steve thank you so much for your help. I am now, after meeting you, far more confident in passing exam XXXX in XXXX. Your work as an NLP practitioner is in my mind, greatly understated and I am more than happy to recommend you to anyone I know, or come into contact with, who is suffering from, as I was, simple procrastination. My life is now far more organised and in greater control and all that from a simple one hour session! MR

I have come to realise how completely unfounded my fears were, and that I was giving myself irrelevant goals rather than undertaking the task at hand. I now feel more focussed with the task at hand, rather than putting it off as I would have done previously. Thank you. EH.

…………………..Having identified the areas in my life I wanted to change, Steve then helped me break through the negative thinking patterns I had settled into in recent years. With the techniques and insight that Steve gave me I’ve been able to start making changes in my life. For example, I’ve always secretly known that one day I would like to be a writer but I came up with hundreds of reasons as to why this wasn’t feasible. Steve helped me see that this secret ambition was far more important to me than I had realised and that avoiding doing anything about it was causing me stress. I’ve now got off my backside and started a part-time journalism diploma and also started submitting story ideas to editors. I’m fully confident that sometime in the near future I’ll be a published writer. This mightn’t sound all that startling to anyone who wasn’t living inside my head but overcoming the fear and self-doubt seemed impossible before I started seeing Steve. I would be very happy to chat to anyone who is thinking of undertaking NLP with Steve and provide you with a verbal reference in support of this testimonial. BB

Dear Steve, I would like to thank you for the great help you have given me following the two hour session we had together. The outlook I have gained has improved my life both personally and professionally. The more I implement the techniques and practices the easier it is to do which has grown my confidence and performance. Before our session I was struggling with making cold calls and follow up calls. Since then I have not had a problem with making these calls which has improved my performance results. This change in attitude has removed a part of my job that I disliked, making me happier at work as a result. Jobs that I was putting off have since been resolved, removing the nagging feeling of unresolved work and also a lot of stress. Being happier at work has also reflected in my home life. I would freely recommend you to anybody with issues at work or home that can be helped by your work. RB.  

Thank you Steve for making me feel at ease and through your calmness and subtle questions you have helped me to overcome putting off some difficult telephone calls that I’ve had to make. I strongly recommend you to anyone with any problems as I know that you can help them. Thank you again. SKP.