Life coaching

  • Lack of Direction?
  • Confused Priorities?
  • Wasting Life?

Life Coaching can mean different things to different people. Sometimes it is about sorting out one or two particular issues adversely affecting one’s life. However Life Coaching is also often understood to mean coaching on one’s life as a whole. Clarifying purpose, meaning, priorities and goals. Sometimes a need is prompted by a dramatic change in one’s life such as retirement, divorce, a bereavement or redundancy. Other times a need creeps up as a drift sets in and negative feelings began to dominate, such as, restlessness, dissatisfaction, monotony, frustration or unhappiness.

My approach to whole life coaching is always tailored to the individual and often starts with a holistic review of satisfaction and for each important area of a client’s life. These areas can differ depending on the client. A typical list of areas would be:

  • health and fitness,
  • leisure and learning,
  • work,
  • finances,
  • family,
  • friends,
  • spirituality and/or purpose,
  • long term relationship / life partner.

The result of the review can involve one or more NLP interventions:

  • reorganisation of how the client spends their time, and/or money, often linked to NLP goal setting,
  • work to augment personality components, for instance giving an introvert the choice to enjoyably use extrovert behaviours when desired,
  • planning a diet and exercise regime often linked to NLP goal setting,
  • adopting one or more new powerful frames of mind generating achievement and satisfaction.

A whole life coaching session would normally last two or three hours.