Improve the performance of an individual

Most managers and HR specialists think that poor performance is either the result of inadequate training, or a poor attitude – which can only be fixed by carrot and stick, mostly stick.  In my lengthy and highly successful experience in improving performance,  I have established that most poor performance comes from either:

  • a mismatch of personality components with the job task in question,
  • a negative emotion such as anxiety, frustration or boredom seriously fettering performance, or,
  • a serious misconception about job role or fairness.

There is no need for task specific training and no need for a carrot or a stick. Whichever of the three causes, one or two NLP one-to-one sessions usually eradicates the poor performance in question. Often there is an associated time management problem which is an important part of the solution.


Comments of past clients

Client assignment – Ongoing coaching for team transition

Steve Kingston has applied NLP principles in a sensitive, pragmatic manner to the leading lawyers in the Tyco EMEA Legal Department during the past 14 months to universally positive effect. All of the staff have reported a greater insight into their own personal development opportunities with both professional and private benefits. I can report tangible improvements in both individual performance and job satisfaction as a result of candid, careful and impactful coaching from Steve. Trevor Faure, General Counsel, Tyco International EMEA.

Have you ever felt complete panic at the thought of having to stand and talk in front of a room full of people? That was how I felt with the anticipation of carrying out legal training for my internal clients. That was, until I was introduced to Steve! Steve worked with me to devise an NLP plan to build my confidence in giving presentations. We initially determined what the concerns were and why I felt so nervous and then we worked together to allay those nerves. What’s the worst that can happen?! Well, in fact, by following Steve’s practical tips I have now overcome all my fears of public speaking and I actually enjoy delivering training! Since then, Steve has worked with me on numerous other areas such as handling difficult situations, being more assertive, building my profile and rapport with colleagues, and meeting new people. All of which have led to my confidence soaring and with this increased self-esteem my career has progressed from strength to strength. People say I am a different person since a few years ago (in both my professional and private life) and I put it all down to Steve’s NLP techniques! KS

Dear Steve, I would like to thank you for the great help you have given me following the two hour session we had together. The outlook I have gained has improved my life both personally and professionally. The more I implement the techniques and practices the easier it is to do which has grown my confidence and performance. Before our session I was struggling with making cold calls and follow up calls. Since then I have not had a problem with making these calls which has improved my performance results. This change in attitude has removed a part of my job that I disliked, making me happier at work as a result. Jobs that I was putting off have since been resolved, removing the nagging feeling of unresolved work and also a lot of stress. Being happier at work has also reflected in my home life. I would freely recommend you to anybody with issues at work or home that can be helped by your work. RB.