General Anxiety and Panic Attacks

General Anxiety is that almost constant feeling of anxiousness but not knowing what one is anxious about. Sometimes there is constant worry. Everything in life seems to be something to worry about. One NLP session can reduce General Anxiety and constant worry by a very significant degree, often eradicating the phenomena altogether.

This is an area in which I specialise and find very rewarding.

Comments of past clients

I have suffered from anxiety issues for as long as I can remember, but this time last year things got completely out of hand as the anxiety started to take over my life and resulted in me having to leave work.  I had overloaded myself with the demands of work and home life and reached a point where I was unable to function normally. I suffered from panic attacks, low self esteem and constant physical symptoms of anxiety. Unable to cope with day to day life I was put in contact with Steve in order to try to move forward with my situation.  After just one hour and a half session with Steve, I can honestly say that I immediately started to feel better. It was like a huge weight had been lifted. From the next day I felt like a different person. I can distinctly remember going to meet a friend for lunch and shopping the next day, something I could not have done prior to seeing Steve, and having a completely normal experience. It is also reassuring that Steve is contactable by phone and willing to give further guidance in this way. I have recently returned to work, something I never thought was possible last year, and I continue to move forward.


For as long as I can remember I have worried and been anxious. I would worry that I had left the iron on, or that I hadn’t closed the front door properly or that I had put the washing machine on at too high a temperature and all the clothes would shrink. I was always worrying about something and often I would spiral my worries so that for ages I was convinced I was going to knock someone over when I was and driving and seriously injur or kill them, when of course I never did. To deal with such worry on a daily basis was exhausting and stressful. I had one session with Steve and he completely solved the problem and changed my life. I feel a lot less stressed, much happier and more confident and the quality of my life has really improved. Thanks Steve


I am very nearly 48 years old. Until 10 days ago, I suffered from a lifelong obsession that I had terminal cancer in one form or another. Over many years, I was treated unsuccessfully with drugs (librium, clomipramine and Seroxat/Prosac), psycho analysis, and behavioural and cognitive therapies.  I think it must be hard for people who have not suffered from such an obsession to comprehend how debilitating it can be.  Fear, anxiety and depression blighted my life to a greater or lesser extent, and my very best efforts to rationalise and deal with my destructive subconscious mind always failed. Few people were aware of my problem as it was embarrassing to me and not something I would wish to discuss.  A few years ago I also developed a crippling lack of belief in my ability to do my job, which was not borne out by the perceptions of others. In truth I did not expect Steve to be able to eradicate my obsession, although I tried very hard to be open minded about the therapies he proposed.  However, after just a single session with Steve lasting about an hour and a half, I was free  of the destructive thought patterns that I had struggled with all my life, and I am also confident again about my abilities in my professional life.   I cannot describe how wonderful it is to be free of an obsessional and irrational fear.  I feel so much more positive about my future, whatever it brings, and I can be happy, which was not really possible before.  AB.