Confident attending job interviews

My one to one sessions on interview self belief focus on eradicating nervousness and, if it is of value to you, also deal with ensuring the interview panel will be engaged and will see you in your best light.

In addition to helping the person being interviewed, NLP techniques have a powerful use in engaging the interview panel, whatever their range of personality types, and ensuring that the panel take away from your interview whatever is most important to you that they do.

While a one-to-one session in relation to interviews is predominantly about eradicating nervousness, if engaging the panel is also to be worked on, then the list below is details the topics to be covered:

  • initial Preparation – objectives, panel profile, initial preparation of your emotional state,
  • practicing,
  • final preparation of the your emotional state,
  • meeting and rapport building,
  • content delivery,
  • acquiring feedback.