A fear of public speaking

My one-to-one sessions on public speaking come from the heart as it was my phobia of public speaking which caused me to discover NLP. I now regularly enjoy presenting to audiences of up to 100 people. My approach deals with eradicating nervousness and, if it is of value to you, also deals with ensuring your audiences will be engaged and will take on board whatever it is you are presenting them with. Two pieces of advice so often given are WRONG and do not help at all! — ‘Fake it ’till you make it’ –  WRONG.   ‘….just keep presenting and the nerves will go…..’  – WRONG

The approach I take is different from almost all others in the field. Firstly I use NLP in the one-to-one session to eradicate the erroneous beliefs in your subconscious that generate the nervousness and then explain a few simple techniques to use just before and during public speaking to generate REAL confidence and enjoyment.

As I mentioned above, it was a fear of public speaking, around 20 years ago, which led me to discover NLP and I have moved on to develop  powerful techniques to eradicate nervousness permanently.

In addition to dealing with nervousness, if required I can teach you NLP techniques to use on your audience to have them fully engaged in your material. Things covered include:

  • initial preparation – objectives, audience profile, initial preparation of the presenter, how to practice
  • content design – including coverage of all representational systems; auditory, visual, kinaesthetic and auditory digital,
  • set-up and final preparation of the presenter’s emotional state,
  • meeting and greeting and rapport building,
  • content delivery including starting with, and playing with, pauses,

Comments of past clients:

Have you ever felt complete panic at the thought of having to stand and talk in front of a room full of people? That was how I felt with the anticipation of carrying out legal training for my internal clients. That was, until I was introduced to Steve! Steve worked with me to devise an NLP plan to build my confidence in giving presentations. We initially determined what the concerns were and why I felt so nervous and then we worked together to allay those nerves. What’s the worst that can happen?! Well, in fact, by following Steve’s practical tips I have now overcome all my fears of public speaking and I actually enjoy delivering training! Since then, Steve has worked with me on numerous other areas such as handling difficult situations, being more assertive, building my profile and rapport with colleagues, and meeting new people. All of which have led to my confidence soaring and with this increased self-esteem my career has progressed from strength to strength. People say I am a different person since a few years ago (in both my professional and private life) and I put it all down to Steve’s NLP techniques! KS

Hi Steve, thanks very much for this [material] and a great session on Thursday.  It really helped for Friday on both the presenting and also the ………..  I’m really surprised by how much we covered in two hours and the difference it made, and I’m keen to keep doing more presenting and enjoy it.  The playing with pauses was really useful as well.  I’m keen to build on it, so will see how it goes and then I may come back to you if that’s okay. KR.

Before my wedding, I had never dreamed (more likely, I’d nightmared!) I’d be able to stand in front of 80 people and do the dreaded Groom’s speech and had been having visions of fainting or making a complete fool of myself in many bizarre ways. Naturally, or so I thought, the impending wedding speech had to be the top entry on my list of things I ‘definitely could not do’. I think I only spent just over an hour with Steve and in that time I quickly accepted what my conscious mind apparently already knew – that the people there were there to support me and wanted me to succeed and that therefore, it would be easy. After this surprisingly simple but previously obscured realisation, a task I had viewed as being something I ‘could not do’ became something I was going to do without fear -and would do it well. With the fear apparently gone during that short session, the speech, even though it took place at least two weeks later, became as easy to do as the first dance and the wedding vows, which I had also previously been worried about but which had instead become totally fun. Cheers Steve! MF.